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I am the one who is in search of tranquillity in whirlpool … My actions define myself. I am volatile like liquid. I take the shape of the pot carrying myself but reserve the right to choose the pot.

I am not fettered by any ”ism”. I retain right to speak my mind out. Never press me hard to be honest unless you have the fortitude to accept honesty. I can be brutally honest. You have the choice to opt for my silence instead.

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Showing execessive confidence or pride. Similar word / Idiom More often the word uppity (Uppity person is someone who behaves as if he / she is more important than others out of pride / arrogance pr simply – arrogant / self importance to a higher degree) also convey similar meaning. When it comes to idiom to represent better than other people, we can use the term a cut above Example The overweening professor laughed at
It’s an American Slang (which is used across the world also) to signify an extravagent and useless project . During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Boy Scouts at summer camps spent their days not only swimming and playing games but participating in the latest scouting craze in which boys braided and knotted colorful strands of plastic and leather to fashion lanyards, neckerchief slides and bracelets and a scout magazine coined the term for this
Tergiversate (To be pronounced as tur-ji-ver-seyt Meaning – changing repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions with respect to a cause, subject, etc. Also, the act of changing one’s loyalties; abandon a belief or principle as well as making conflicting and/or evasive statements. It also involves using equivocate (which means use of ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself) statements as part of frequently changing belief / principles / loyalites or turn
Cliche Something, most often a phrase or expression, that is overused or used outside its original context, so that its original impact and meaning are lost. Eg: Cliches about life, love, emotions All is fair in love and war All’s well that ends well Time heals all wounds Stereotype Mistaken idea or belief many people have about a thing or group which may be untrue or only partly true. Eg: In general men are messy
Philosophy is literally love of wisdom , which deals with general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, common observation, and language. Often a few terms are associated with it. Here goes a few… Aphorism A short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth. It is a concise defintion and notably memorable. Adage It is an aphorism which gained credibility by virtue of long usage. It is a saying often
Amatorculist A rare but interesting word.. To be pronounced as ay-muh-TOR-kyu-list. In Latin Amator means Lover and cul is a dimunitive suffix So, this term can be used for someone who is an an insignificant, hypocritical, or lousy lover.. Or rather a pretender of affection. Alas, If you are interested in the proper word to describe an insignificant love affair, rather than an insignificant lover, it is amourette. This means a trifling and/or ephemeral love
Often we came across certain phrases used in corporate houses alone than in any other institutions / situaitons. Not that these words shall be used only at your place of work but it gain a special flavour at work place. Here goes a few… Bleeding Edge Something relating to or describing systems, devices, or ideas that are so modern that they are still being developed. It is extreme version of cutting edge and is often
In our day to day life, we might come across many people having weird / irritating habits.. (might be this is the impression we might create on others also 🙂). Many of these bad habits are having such eloquent English words which we rarely use. Here goes a few …. PS – Try not to imagine any known people while reading each word 🙂 🙂 Sialoquent Such an eloquent word to describe the act of
Blather means – talk in a long-winded way without making very much sense. And blatherskite means , a person who talks at great length without making much sense / A talkative foolish person. Macmillan Dictionary labels blatherskite as American and informal though it’s orgins are from scotland. So, if you come across a blatherskite, you can ask him / her to cut to the chase – And the idiom cut to the chase means, come
Accost This is a transitive verb (which means – it makes sense if it exerts its action on an object) which means To approach and speak to (someone) in an often challenging or aggressive way Also, it means – approach and speak to, especially aggressively or insistently, as with a demand or request. Eg: > On way to office, I was accosted by a group of beggars demanding alms. > He was accosted by three
Air Bubble This concept is in news for a while particularly in the context of normalizing air travel as per an arrangement Government of India arrived with certain other countries. A travel bubble or a bilateral air bubble is a travel corridor between two countries that wish to reopen their borders and re-establish connections with each other with a set of regulations and restrictions. Put simply, ‘air bubbles’ in news, refer to bilateral agreements India
“Jai Mata Di” – singing the glory of mother godess will elevate you to a plane of serenity and tranquility which you have never experienced before. If you have “bulawa” from her, all obstacles will vanish. The swealtering heat of summer or chilling cold of winter, torrential rain of monsoon etc. does not make any difference to you. Before two years, I got call from her and got an experience of lifetime. Happy to share
Attempting to define something that needs no definition is a task by itself. But still, this is for some friends who are keen to know a bit more about “Existentialism”. I cannot claim to be an existentialist but the aesthetic manifestation of the philosophy enthralled me to the core. Anyone, who would love to experience it, should know a bit about the philosophy.   In the simplest manner, Existentialism claims “existence precedes essence“(Jean Paul Sartre)
Breath taking view of Sahyadri from Lion’s Point offered the slice of solitary grandeur where in you can plunk your tribulations. Flora of the valley nuzzled by cloud, embellished by the filigree of docile stream, waterfalls with verve, tweet of cuckoo —– all coaxed me to offer myself to the nature. A small emaciated tree with shrivelled up branches bentdown with the breeze as if it is going to cuddle me! The feeling of being a drop in the
Day 1 – I was carried away with twirl of headiness and tumultuous chill on spine. It was a mirroring experience. Me looking at myself with bemused lassitude – “How to admire myself?” I remain frozen and gaped at the sedentary swathe around the life. I could have got myself lost for a jiffy but again haunted by something else! Responsibility. Every title and every pleasant thing in life call for “responsibility” Falling in love! Does it
I am a racist! I admired Hitler but could only tattooed my body in reverential obeisance to his ideologies. I was not bold but pretended to be the one out of my fanatic indulgence into anything and everything that proves my supremacy! I was carried away with the bold and masochistic drive of my friend and joined him! I am not sure whether I was also a party to the crime. The young girl was
“We are standing here in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, the birthplace of freedom, where the founding fathers authored the Declaration of Independence, and I don’t recall that glorious document saying anything about all straight men are created equal. I believe it says all men are created equal”- Dialogue from the movie, Philadelphia by the character Joe Miller (Denzel Washington) One of the most memorable dialogues that comprehends the essence of one of the finest
What comes to your mind while thinking of Godfather? Brando’s gruffly intonation or Nino Rota’s spellbinding orchestration or Gordon Willis’s magic behind the camera that redefined the possibility of chiaroscuro photography! Closer to life dialogues, complexity of relationship (something beyond the carnal) – God Father Trilogy is an epic in celluloid! Something which you can watch repetitively over a period of time. This is something which Scorsese achieved through “lots of scarlet” where as Tarantino
You have conceptualized a theme with much pain. It has got anything and everything ranging from the riveting moments of spaghetti western movies to that of first class South East Asian martial art movies. Something like having Bruce Lee and Clint Eastwood sharing same screen space. Here you made the canvass of movie to be wider enough! No wonder, the conceptualist cum director cannot imagine anything but making a movie which is four hours long.
What constitutes an organization design that lead to synergizing of the group effort is a conundrum. Might be myriad factors may contribute to this and it may vary from organization to organization. But yet, while we deliberate more into this, we could identify certain factors that are having a universal appeal. Given certain hygiene factors remain the same, a major factor that hold an employee to remain in the system and direct effort in a
It’s time for taking stock of what you have done, where we have excelled and what could have been done etc. Every corporate houses will have this exercise in some form or the other. Traditionally, it’s known as “Performance Appraisal”. Many HR Professionals would have came across certain “qualifications” from employees or line managers regarding this exercise. Lets’ try to decode a few of them. Adobe, Accenture and all progressive companies already done away with
Magic or Real “At that time Macondo was a village of twenty adobe houses, built on the bank of a river of clear water that ran along a bed of polished stones, which were white and enormous, like prehistoric eggs. The world was so recent that many things lacked names, and in order to indicate them it was necessary to point” I was awestruck at the last line. That explains it all —– time and
“All men are enemies. All animals are comrades” **~ George Orwell, Animal Farm What if all the inhuman(in assertive tone) living beings decided to revolt against you? I mean, all the cats, dogs, rats, swine(who got an elated status as of now), microbes decided to enjoy the bliss of fraternity, liberation, power! Oh, no – these are not the ranting of an animal lover. Of course, I am also a member of PETA (To be read as People
“You said I killed you – haunt me, then! The murdered do haunt their murderers, I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered on earth. Be with me always – take any form – drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you” ~Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights Is it necessary to expound the reason for liking a novel? At times, I can express my feeling. But with Wuthering Heights my
How often have you used the term “Catch 22”in life? Have you ever thought of the genesis of this term? We can search for the genesis but while trying to interpret the same, we are at a loss. Is it something beyond description? It is something like invoking logic in an illogical manner! Or it is like a logic that proves “A precedes B and B precedes A”.A bit weird? This will eventually form a circular
“Everything about him was old except his eyes and they were the same colour as the sea and were cheerful and undefeated” ~ From Old man and the sea, describing the fisherman, Santiago Before going ahead with this scribbling, I would like to confess to those who are with me for so many days, especially in the literary reviews. My scribbling is not ’review’ in the technical sense. This might serve the purpose of anecdotes
“All I can say is, it nearly finished me. It was like having an illness” That was the feeling reflected by R L Stevenson after reading Crime and Punishment.Probably, he was reflecting the thoughts of myriad readers through this confession. I pick up this book at a tender age and almost took it as a crime thriller. It was a page turner but slowly, the character Raskolnikov started invading my emotions. I feel like being tormented in a dark room
I came across one of the book reviews in this space where in the contributor qualified Leo Tolstoyas “boring writer”. The comment was withdrawn when I elucidated the travesty associated with it. A humble request to all those who consider serious literature as “heavy dose” “flying above one’s head” etc. – it is just like you have not given your full attention to it. Perry Mason Series, Chetan Bhagat, Dan Brown —- won’t demand much form you and
“Imagine that you are creating a fabric of human destiny with the object of making men happy in the end; but that it was essential and inevitable to torture to death only one tiny creature.. And to found that edifice on its unavenged tears; would you consent to be the architect on those conditions? Tell me, and tell me the truth” ~ From Brothers Karamazov It took me several years to finish the last novel by Fyodor
  “The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is not read” ~Oscar Wilde~ Here is the maestro of English literature who was often subjected to ordeal of the highest order. Dismal social situation, tragic life situation, social ostracization due to the well accepted thoughts and morals deep routed in Puritanism etc.. never had a negative impact on his acumen. He chooses to react through the most powerful medium –“literature”! Let
Be in company:My mind work like a discordant note that is let free to the universe. It loves to wander alone enjoying the panoramic view of heap of things without getting involved. At times, it got struck with someone and the dissonance became harmony. Hence, I am always open to meet people. Anyone who wishes to spend time with me in person or phone, I am always open. To an extent, I consider this to

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