Yitti Beach – Muscat , Oman

2 thoughts on “Yitti Beach – Muscat , Oman”

  1. Ketan Doshi says:

    Hey Sajith, have heard a lot about Oman and it’s touristy places. Thanks for sharing info about this pristine beach. The authorities of Oman are vigorously promoting their tourism nowadays, Apart from this beautiful beach, are there any other noteworthy places worth visiting in Oman? How many days itinerary will be enough to explore Oman?

    Ketan Doshi.

    1. Sajith Nair says:

      @ Ketan Doshi – Oman is like secretly preserved gem… There are many places.. If you want to experience, suggest Salalah and visit by Mid July to Mid September period. You won’t feel like, you are in Gulf. You will experience rain, greenery, hill station kind of experience. 3 days in Salalah with 2-3 days in other parts will be sufficient.

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