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Blatherskite / even spelled as bletherskate

Blather means – talk in a long-winded way without making very much sense.
And blatherskite means , a person who talks at great length without making much sense / A talkative foolish person.
Macmillan Dictionary labels blatherskite as American and informal though it’s orgins are from scotland.

So, if you come across a blatherskite, you can ask him / her to cut to the chase – And the idiom cut to the chase means, come to the point (without wasting time) 🙂

Similar words
> Another interesting fun word which means a silly person who talks too much is flibbertigibbet
> Loquacious person means someone who incessantly speak where as Loquacious Speech means a speech which elongated and unnecassrily verbose

> The incessant narratives of a blatherskite interrupted him from completing the job
> The reason why everyone avoid your presence is because you are a blatherskite
> At work situation, I generally try to avoid blatherskites in the interest of having productive working hours

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  1. lightning says:

    Your mеthod of telling the whole thing in this paragrapһ is reаlly fastidious,
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    1. Sajith Nair says:

      Thanks for the visit and good words

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