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Bad Habits

In our day to day life, we might come across many people having weird / irritating habits.. (might be this is the impression we might create on others also 🙂). Many of these bad habits are having such eloquent English words which we rarely use. Here goes a few ….
PS – Try not to imagine any known people while reading each word 🙂 🙂

Sialoquent Such an eloquent word to describe the act of tending to spray saliva while speaking. Any enthusiastic front row occupants are often victim of this act..
The sailoquent professor was wondering the reason why majority of students are hesitating to occupy the front row seats despite his repeated requests

Facetious Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour. The word facetious comes from the French facétie which means *joke”.
A similar word is Flippant, which means not showing serious or respectful attitude.
The flippant comments made by subordinate irked the Head of the Department
In social media forums, while people discuss socially relevant topics, a few try to seek attention with their facetious remarks

Malinger Pretend to be ill / incapciated to escape duty / work
His boss suspected him of malingering because of his frequent absences from work

Cachinnate To laugh loudly or immoderately
I avoid watching comedy movies in thathre as I cachinnate and no one else can hear a thing

Whinge Complain persistently and in an irritating way.
They whinge about wanting training to be provided, yet did not enroll for any traning schemes provided to them

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