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Emotional Reporting

What constitutes an organization design that lead to synergizing of the group effort is a conundrum. Might be myriad factors may contribute to this and it may vary from organization to organization. But yet, while we deliberate more into this, we could identify certain factors that are having a universal appeal.

Given certain hygiene factors remain the same, a major factor that hold an employee to remain in the system and direct effort in a productive manner shall be the rapport with the reporting manager. Hence the good old dictum “staff leaves the boss and not the organization” is having a larger appeal.

Reporting hierarchy is often designed with the functional relation within the organization. Thus there exists an “organization designed” hierarchy which is formalized in the system. But, there is an ethereal (in simple terms more realistic but not formally created) hierarchy that is operational and is having a significance influence in work place. That is “Emotional Reporting”.

It is quite common phenomena that someone assigned with a particular function will develop an emotional bond with another person who is not in their direct formally designed hierarchy. Something like, Payroll Executive will develop and emotional bond with Manager of Employee Relation and so on. Slowly, emotional reporting will give a path to junior staff to approach a “window of relief”.

Happy team comprise of those set of employees having emotional as well as formally established organization hierarchy remains the same. To be specific, if the percentage remains within 50% to 60%, the company will comprise of happy team. More than this percentage may lead to a situation where in incompetency getting masked as relationship paradigm will take precedence over performance.

If you are a manager, you have got larger role to play where in you need to ensure that your team members are emotionally reporting to you. No need of magic wand to get the pulse of people. It’s easy to know whether your team is happy with you. You are the first one who will get the clue unless you put in effort not to ignore the same.

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