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Be in company:My mind work like a discordant note that is let free to the universe. It loves to wander alone enjoying the panoramic view of heap of things without getting involved. At times, it got struck with someone and the dissonance became harmony. Hence, I am always open to meet people. Anyone who wishes to spend time with me in person or phone, I am always open. To an extent, I consider this to be the most fruitful engagement – to know someone and to touch their life in a special way and keep the relation intact for long without any demands. There are no rules of daily contact or explicit gestures. But, a feel that – “I count this person

Curious M2M:Once I got a curious M2M in my inbox regarding his arrival at Pune. Our interactions were limited but of course, I have heard of him from others. We fixed a convenient point to meet.

Ice Breaking:I saw him with vim and vigor and mischievous spark in his eyes! The moment he got into car, we started speaking as if we were known to each other for long. He was free from all sorts of inhibitions. We hardly got any subject to discuss based on previous interactions and in every probability, the discussion would have been around the topography of Pune etc.

Eat while Chat:By the time, we reached “Hotel Red Dragon”, Kalyani Nagar – we got multitude of topic over which we could continue chit chat.I have given him the option to choose the menu being my guest. Without any hesitation he asked me “What about sea food?”. This is why I could very well connect with Bengalis. We share the same food habit. Prawns, rice, some chicken etc. pleased our gourmets desire but we never believed in keeping silence.

Speechless:A bit on MS matters and lot on us – that was our topic. I was also participating in the discussion but somewhere he muted me! He made me totally listen to him. In a way, I was deeply moved with something which he shared me. For all these days, I might have told this to many others. This is something which seems to be quite normal but it was a revelation for me. With is permission, let me share it with you.

When you lose someone so dear in family, bereavement leaves you with a big void. He lost his mother. He felt like the world has come to an end. He lost interest in everything for a while. Each and every day passed without Mom. One fine day, when he started feeling the good things about life, when he is blessed with laughter; he started facing many questions “How can I laugh?’, “Is this morally correct?” “How can I come back to my life when my mom is not around?”. It is a moral question regarding the righteousness of your action. Also, it is the eternal connection with the most important person in your life. The bereavement is at its zenith when you start enjoying life. But finally he settled down — “If you never come into terms with this reality in life, the world would not have been the same. Everyone’s life would have been come to an end with their near one’s departure

What is important is to pay obeisance to the near one who left you through your righteous living. Live up to their spirit. They always aspired for your happiness and well being. Mourn but come back to life and that never mean that you don’t care for them.

He told all this in a magnanimous manner without being sentimental. I could feel genuineness of the person sitting across my table. He gained my respect for life.

I could not help but driving with him for a while before having a cup of tea Hotel Comesum, in Pune Railway Station and now it was almost midnight. He was speaking about his wife, dad and every good thing in his life. Also, relevance of “Art of Living” without getting psyched up by “spiritual bliss” dimension.

I bet, if he ever decide to write on what ever he prefer to speak, we will have one of the best contributors in MS. Can we push him to post a few DPs?

By the time we bid adieu; I remembered the famous dialogue from the movie Casablanca. “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship“. A friendship without conditions, something which is free flowing, something that both of us enjoy ! Might be that is why, I feel like scribbling this after several months of meeting.

Shubhro (smart62535), this is for you!

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