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Air Bubble

Air Bubble This concept is in news for a while particularly in the context of normalizing air travel as per an arrangement Government of India arrived with certain other countries.

A travel bubble or a bilateral air bubble is a travel corridor between two countries that wish to reopen their borders and re-establish connections with each other with a set of regulations and restrictions.

Put simply, ‘air bubbles’ in news, refer to bilateral agreements India has struck or is in the process of finalising with specific countries to allow their national carriers to ferry passengers back and forth from India. This is besides the Indian operators.The whole idea of an air bubble is that you are at a stage short of normal civil aviation activities.

Example Air bubble agreement Government of India made with US, UK, Canada, UAE, France where in any Indian holding any kind of valid visa can travel as per the schduled flight charter and subject to approval from mandated authorities. More air bubbles with other countries are in pipeline.

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