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Figure of Speech

A figure of speech is a phrase or word used in a non-literal sense for rhetorical or rich effect. It is an expression that is different from its literal meaning. It is a way of describing something or someone interestingly and vividly. The words or phrases may not mean exactly what they suggest, but they paint a clear picture in the mind of the reader or listener.

Types of figure of speech

Alliteration Two usually consecutive words begin with the same consonant sound but not always the same latter. The word doesn’t always have to be right next to each other, but when you say or read them, the sound is repeated.
Eg: Beautiful Barbara boasted about her bravery. / She sells sea shells on the sea shore

Metaphor Word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.
Eg: To be a night owl – to stay awake at night / A piece of cake – Very Easy

Personification Giving human qualities to something that may not be human, or even alive.
Eg: Shoe Bite / Smiling Sun

Onomatopoeia Words that imitates sounds
Eg: Pitter – Patter / flip-flop / zoom

Simile When two things are directly compared
Eg: As black as coal / As clear as crystal

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