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Well – this is a rare word to that denotes an inexprissible emotion. Though the defintion calls for a detailed narration and seems to be a bit obscure, for sure it is an emotion / feeling that might have come to mind of every human being at various stages of their life.

Let’s imagine you have reached a particular stage in life (or even achieved certain milestones) and you have no explanation of regarding how things have turned up. If you look back to your life, you may not be able to justify your journey (or the paths you have taken) and while standing here at this moment, you can only recall these memories. At this point of time, because of the inability to change anything, your restless / uneasy brain with these vivid memories, fills you with a bitter – sweet emotion.

The mixed feeling of this inexprissible emotion allows you to cherish a destined truth of life. This is enouement. The bitter-sweetness of arriving at the future, seeing how things turned out, but not being able to tell your past self.

And the realization is – life can only be understood backwards but it must only be lived forwards.

The feeling of enouement finally hit me as i graduated with my high school diploma.

Looking around in my new apartment, i felt enouement towards all the things i have achieved at getting this new place for myself.

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