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Jamtara is a district of Jharkhand State and people here mainlty speak Hindi, Santali and Bengali languages. It is also nick named as phishing capital of India.

It got this title because of the fact that there were numerous incidents of phishing across country whose center point was this small town.
Karmatar, a small town, has slowly emerged as the epicentre of cybercrime in the country. Many of its ”vishing” (a term coined in Jamtara only which means – gaining access to private financial information of a person by claiming to be calling on behalf of a bank or financial institution) experts have never left town, but their reach spans the nation. Police force and investigative agenceis through out the country frequented this town several times as part of thier ongoing cyber crime investigations.

The quiet railway station in the heart of Karmatar draws its name from one of the country’s greatest social reformers, but today hardly anyone seems to be aware of the connection of this place to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Only a few hundred metres from the Vidyasagar railway station is the place where he lived for 18 years, taught girls in a thatched school, and distributed medicines from a home clinic. Some of the articles used by him are still lying here but the place, which should have been a tourist destination, does not get any visitors these days.

Jamtara – Sab Ka Number Ayega, Seies in Netflix is based on the vishing activities in Jamtara.

A few news articles over years are given below.   (Courtesy Ravi, my friend who referred this link)

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