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Snapchat Dysmorphia

As per plastic surgeons, the days of people wanting to look like a celebrity are over. Now, more and more people want to look like themselves, to be precise a phone-edited version of themselves.

Several plastic surgeons have shared their experiences whereby they encountered requests sounding similar to what a filtered Snapchat picture would look like. The term Snapchat Dysmorphia was also coined to represent this trend and we cannot help wonder how much these social applications are actually influencing the common man.Snapchat started providing filters (Which is widely available in other applications like Instagram, Facebook etc.) that allow users to change their skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, alter the size of their eyes, lips, and cheeks, and change various aspects of their physical appearance. Getting addicted to this feature lead to this disorder.

This is also one type of body dysmporphic disorder (BDD) and those who are suffering from it are preoccupied with at least one nonexistent or slight defect in physical appearance. This can lead them to think about the defect for at least one hour a day, therefore impacting their social, occupational, and other levels of functioning. The individual also should have repetitive and compulsive behaviors due to concerns arising from their appearances. This includes mirror checking and reassurance seeking among others.

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