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>A method of censoring or controlling content on the internet
>The act of blocking a user’s content on social media sites
>The act of blocking or partially blocking a user on a website
>Block (a user) from a social media site or online forum without their knowledge, typically by making their posts and comments no longer visible to other users
Ghost ban / stealth ban / comment ghosting are other similar terms bearing same meaning.

Shadow banning became popularized in 2018 as a conspiracy theory that Twitter allegedly shadow-banned Republicans. In late July 2018, Vice News found that several supporters of the US Republican Party no longer appeared in the auto-populated drop-down search menu on Twitter, thus limiting their visibility when being searched for; Vice News alleged that this was a case of shadow-banning.


>Twitter has shadow banned me, and no one will see my tweets now.

>Facebook is shadow banning certain users based on their dogmatic beliefs.

>The color that he has chosen to wear for his birthday party really knocked my socks off

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