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San Marino

Below mentioned are a few curious anecdotes San Marino, a small indpendent nation (61 Square Kilometers), situated in Europe and is fully landlocked in Italy.

>Despite it’s small size, San Marino never lost to an invasion. The fortified dwelling was subjected to many invasions over the centuries, but always managed to maintain its sovereignty. Napoleonic troops arrived in the 18th century, they respected San Marino’s autonomy (and even offered it economic concessions), because it was a political body with a republican government.

>Former American President Abraham Lincoln is an honourary citizen and it was granted as he openely expressed his admiration for San Marino

>It has offered unconditional political sanctuary throughout the centuries and even remained neutral position during World War II

>In 1607, a paid postal service was opened to all residents. In 1877, the first postage stamps of the Republic were issued and, since then, San Marino stamps have paid tribute to its cultural and historical events and personalities. Due to the limited production of San Marino stamps, the state has been a big draw for philatelists for hundreds of years. Likewise, for collectors of rare coins. Probably, the first organized modern postal service in the world can also be credited to this micro nation.

>San Marino constitution was drafted in 1600 and it is considered to have the oldest surviving national constitution in the world. There is a large academic camp that instead argues that the US constitution is the oldest constitution still in effect as San Marino constituion comprises of six series of books

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