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Latin Legal Terms

Here goes five latin legal terms and it’s meaning.

1- Ipso facto By the very fact or act /As an inevitable result
Eg: If someone is born in the U.S., ipso facto they have a U.S. Social Security number.

2- Quid pro quo Something for something / Something (as consideration) given or received for something else.
Eg: Contracts are transient and externally enforced, guaranteed by a quid pro quo exchange.

3- Pro Hac Vice For this occasion / it refers to lawyers take part in an out-of-state trial where they don’t hold a license.
Eg: He has also been admitted pro hac vice in cases throughout the country.

4- Ab initio – From the beginning
Their marriage is annuled by court as they found the marriage contract was found void ab initio

5- In camera – In chambers (In private)
The judge allowed to proceed the trial session in camera to protect the privacy of the witness.

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