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Latin abbreviations used in English

Here goes a few Latin abbreviations widely used in English. It is menitoned in the order Latin Abbreviation followed by full form the abbreviation and Meaning of the same in English

1/N.B – Nota Bene, which means, Note Well
2/i.e – Id Est, which means, “That is”, “in other words”
3/e.g. -Exempli Gratia, which means, “For example”,”for instance”
4/SOS -Si Opus Sit, which means,”if there is need”,”if occasion require”,”if necessary”
5/Viz – Videlicet, which means, “namely”, “precisely”, “that is to say”
6/Vs – Versus, which means, “against”
7/AD – Anno Domini, which means, “In the year of the Lord”. The A.D. or the Christian calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth
8/RIP – Requiescat in pace, which means, “Rest in peace”
9/I.A – Inter alia, which means, “Among other things*
10/Sic, – sic erat scriptum, which means, “Thus it was written*

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