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You want to read, record your voice and share it back to someone? If you are having a fear of failure (and if it is kind of abnormal fear), that’s kakorrhaphiophobia. It’s an abnormal, persistent, irrational fear of failure. In clinical cases, it’s debilitating: the fear of even the most subtle failure or defeat is so intense that it restricts a person from doing anything at all.

Kakorrhaphiophobia is the most extreme version of what we all experience when we decide to acquire a new skill: doubt, uncertainty, anxiety about our capabilities and fear of what others will think.

Kakorrhaphiophobia comes from a combination of the Greek phrase Kakos, “bad and evil,” and Phobos, “fear.” The English word “cacophony,” which describes “a harsh discordant mixture of sounds,” shares the same root.


>As he struggled to accept his new responsibility, Harry was burdened beyond relief by kakorrhaphiophobia

>During net practice, he was facing lots of stress and consulted psychologist who diagnosed him with early symptoms of kakorrhaphiophobia which could be addressed with couple of counselling sessions.

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