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Douceur (dü-ˈsər)

>A conciliatory gift or bribe
>A gratuity; tip.
>A gift for service done or to be done; an honorarium; a present; sometimes, a bribe.

In French, douceur means “pleasantness,” and it is often used in phrases such as “douceur de vivre” (“the pleasure of life”). The word derives from the Latin adjective dulcis, meaning “sweet.”

A douceur is a gift or payment – sometimes, but not necessarily, considered a bribe – provided by someone to enhance or “sweeten” a deal. In the United Kingdom, “douceur” specifically refers to a tax benefit given to someone who sells a historical artifact to a public collection.


>He offered to pay a handsome douceur to avert his transfer to country side
>On arriving there, he went upstairs, and by a douceur to the waiter, got a large tumbler filled with spirits.

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