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Bel espirit

Bel espirit (To be pronounsed as bel ez -spree)

A person of great wit / intellect / fine and gifted mind. It’s a French word which is widely being used in English also.. often to be add a charm in conversation or create literary appeal. It’s plural is beaux-esprits (to be pronounced as boh-ez-spree)

After all – in Arabic and Urudu, it’s said that human beings are Ashraful Makhluqat (which means – Noblest of all creations). If so, they are expectex to be beaux-esprits 🙂

I am expecting a wit-combat between beaux-esprits in Karan Johar show

I was invited to be in the panel of moderators of national conference and they told that, they handpicked only those who earned reputation as bel-esprit who could manage the show and audience.

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