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Mumbai – Muscat (without an android phone)

As there are several confusions pertaining to the formalities to be followed while reaching Oman as per new guidelines, here goes my first hand experience. At first, ensure that you are a valid resient card holder of Sultnate of Oman and then only you will have entry (at least for now). Also, if your last visit was before six months, you might be requiring some piror permission. Otherwise, just follow the below mentioned steps.

1-Prior to Travel, ensure Traveller Registration is done in the link mentioned belpw (If Tarassaud + App is downloaded, then you can do the same in this app also). You shall be clear about the date of return before registration.

2-Post registration, you will be directed to pay RO 25/- (for RT PCR Test and Wrist Band for tracker)

3-Once when you make payment, you will get an auto mailer with a scanner code regarding the payment confirmation and a code for registering in eMushriff App

4-If you are in India… unless your oman number properly work (My omantel number did not work properly as the OTP was not getting delievered), you can download Tarasaaud+ app (downloading this app is mandatory) and you can see your payment confirmation details in the app (Its available in ios and android)

5-Download eMushrif app and register with the code mentioned as mentioend above (Most important – emushrif app is available only in latest version of android and not in ios). I use ios and hence I could not do it

6-If Tarassaud+ and eMushriff is not downloaded prior to travel, you can try it after reaching Oman. For me, OTP for registering in Tarasaud+ worked only after reaching muscat and when I registered on landing my payment information was already refelecting in the app. You should carry printout of the payment confirmation with scanner code which is mandatory

7- If you pre-register this way, you can avoid registering for RT PCR test queue in airport and can proceed for immigration.

8-Post immigration – in Muscat Airport, when you reach the ground floor (where baggage collection area is there), you will see entry to baggage collection is crondoned off and you can reach there only after gong to RT PCR swab collection booths. There are close to 30 booths with dedicated and well trained employees. On showing the printout of the payment details, they will do swab collection (only nose swab is taken and not from throat), they will affix a sticker and stamp to exit on the payment voucher.

9-After this step, you will reach the counter where tracking wrist band is given. This is the tracker linked to eMushrif app and I was confused as iOS does not have eMushrif app. When I informed them, to my surprise they told that, eMushrif app is not mandatory.. (So – do not venture to purchase an android phone or even worried about this app not getting downloaded if you are an apple phone user..)

10-They will help you wearing the watch… And you may feel like , its easy to remove.. but, if you remove it , it will damage the watch and never attempt that.. You shall udnergo 14 days quarantine and post which you shall visit any dispensery of MOH and they will do the needful to remove the watch and record the details. Another colleague of mine got a wrist band without any GPS devise. (All in all – as on date, downloading HMushrif app does not seem to be mandatory)

Bonus Information

1-Anyone coming with medicines (especially for others) or any other articles which invoke suspicion, there is a through check in the green channel area also. So, make it sure that you shall bring medicines / articles that are allowed and shall carry proper documentations

2-Your RT PCR result will get reflected in the Tarasaud+ app mostly in 48 hours..


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